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We have a long and successful history of working with both the public and private sector and provide scalable solutions to address the equipment and personnel needed for both large- and small-scale marine projects. Whether it’s an emergency marine spill response in the Gulf of Mexico requiring tons of equipment and hundreds of resources; a scientific research organization needing boats with specialized equipment; or a local municipality needing a barge for their 4th of July fireworks celebration, Northstar Marine addresses the needs of all its’ customers. Our quick response, flexibility and willingness to provide customized solutions has helped us to build an impressive list of satisfied customers including the USCG, NOAA, NJDEP, National Response Corp., Delaware River and Bay Authority, City of Cape May, Ocean City, NJ, Fish and Wildlife, Woods Hole Group, Rutgers University and many more.

Project Experience

Poplar Island Phase III Offshore Drilling and Testing

July 2015. Northstar Marine, Inc. was awarded a contract by United States Army Corp of Engineers to conduct drilling operations for Phase III of the Poplar Island Restoration Project in the Chesapeake Bay, Talbot County, MD. This restoration project utilizes dredge material to restore wetland and upland habitat and was divided into three phases: Phases I and II contained approximately 40 million cubic yards of dredged material upon completion; and Phase III will increase the existing island by 575 acres, though to finalize this design’s containment dikes, in-situ dilatometer testing and undisturbed thin-walled tube sampling were necessary.
To facilitate these samples Northstar Marine provided the Liftboat “VANTAGE”, a 72’ Liftboat capable of mounting the necessary drill rig. The use of this mobile liftboat enabled the client to complete as many as four borings per day, with three being the average. This efficiency coupled with the boat’s increased ability to handle adverse weather conditions enabled this portion of the project to be completed within the allotted time frame. At the project’s conclusion the client complimented Northstar’s crew for their hard work and professionalism.

Poplar Island Phase III Offshore Drilling and Testing

Schuylkill River Drilling Projects

February 2016.  Northstar Marine, Inc. provided marine services to Parratt-Wolff, Inc. to facilitate drilling projects in the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA.  The initial project required four bore holes to be completed near the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) Refinery while the second project included three bore holes near Bartram’s Garden.  These borings were completed with a truck-mounted drill rig that was loaded on Northstar’s liftboat “Vantage”.  This mobile, 72’ liftboat provided a stable work area along with the required deck space and load capacity for the necessary equipment.  Additionally, Northstar engineers and technicians developed and implemented a work plan to ensure precise placement of the bore holes utilizing available onboard sub-meter GPS and specialized positioning software.  This project concluded with the successful completion of all borings and a satisfied client who complimented the professionalism of the crew and the efficient services provided.

Schuylkill River Drilling Project1schuylkill_river_drilling_project

GSOE NJORD Spar Buoy Platform Replacement

June 20, 2014.  Northstar Marine, Inc. provided services to Garden State Offshore Energy (GSOE) to fit an upgraded platform onto the New Jersey Offshore Research Device (NJORD) Sea ZephIR Spar Buoy.  The NJORD buoy, located approximately 23 nm SE of Atlantic City, NJ, is fitted with renewable power supplies and ZephIR LIDAR system that is able to measure wind characteristics from 10 meters up to 200 meters above installed position.  In addition to measuring wind characteristics the buoy also measures motion and wave heights providing valuable data for future offshore wind energy development.  In the planning stages Northstar technicians utilized HYPACK® software to model the Crane Barge and anchor placements relative to the buoy’s location to maximize time and effort while minimizing costs to the client.  Northstar provided three support vessels (Northstar 4, Enterprise and Commander) and numerous personnel along with a barge and crane to complete the delicate lifting and commissioning of the platform.  This offshore project concluded with the successful installation of the platform and final inspection of all data collection equipment and their associated components.  Going forward Northstar will continue to provide offshore support for operations and maintenance of the NJORD Spar Buoy.

GSOE NJORD Spar BuoyGSOE NJORD Spar Buoy Platform

Cape May Harbor

Duration: 1 week
In April 2008, derelict barges were identified as a safety concern and a navigation liability at the bottom of Cape May Harbor. Equipped with a 92 foot barge with an excavator, two tugboats, a 50-foot workboat and a dive team, Northstar Marine worked tirelessly in inclement weather to extract three abandoned boats from the harbor. This salvage was done as an act of community service, and completed in time for the Cape May Harbor Fest at the beginning of the season.

Barge and Tug Charter

Atlantic Ocean, New York Harbor, East River and the Long Island Sound – Duration: 10 days
The Lieb House, a beach cottage built in Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore in 1969 and designed by one of the nation’s most prominent architects, Robert Venturi, was scheduled to be torn down. Instead, fans of the architect purchased the house and decided to move the home from New Jersey to Glen Cove on the North Shore of Long Island.
Northstar Marine was contracted to transport the house from Barnegat, NJ, to Glen Cove, NY via several waterways. A hydraulic trailer was used to load the house onto Northstar 4, a 140-foot barge. Then, the Tug Northstar pulled the barge across the Atlantic Ocean, New York Harbor, East River and the Long Island Sound to the port at Glen Cove. There the home was offloaded to shore up a 100 foot ramp system over an inclining rock foundation and transported to the new homeowners property.

Poughkeepsie, NY (Hudson River Valley)

Duration: 1 Month
Northstar Marine’s dive services were subcontracted for an environmental test study being conducted at a closed power plant in Poughkeepsie, NY, located on the Hudson River. When in operation the plant produced a by-product sediment consisting of NAPL (manufactured gas plant coal tar) and aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s). This substance had accumulated in the surrounding riverbed and was being released into the water in the form of a slick. As a result Agate Construction was contracted to lay stone filled Geo Grid Mats designed to absorb the coal tar product in a 100’x100’ test area.
Northstar provided all dive services for the project. After rough positioning was done with sonar and marker buoys on the river bottom, the Northstar divers entered the water and directed any necessary repositioning using two-way communication. The final positioning was determined once the divers checked and measured to determine the Geo Grid Mat was within given tolerances. The divers used surface supplied air and were working in approximately 60’ of water, in water temperatures between 40 and 55 degrees, with a visibility of approximately 6 inches to 2 feet in currents averaging 1 ½ to 5 knots. If the Geo Mat system is found to be effective, Northstar will be contracted to assist in this innovative technology for the capping of the impacted sediment in several acres of the Hudson River.

Containment and Cleanup

Delaware River – Duration: 6 Months
As one of the primary contractors for Marine Operations, Northstar Environmental Services and Northstar Marine played a key role in the containment and cleanup of the Motor Tanker Athos I oil spill. On November 26, 2004, the 750 foot single-hull Motor Tanker Athos I was reported to be leaking oil into the Delaware River. It was estimated that the Athos I lost over 265,000 gallons of Heavy Venezuelan Crude Oil, which impacted over 50 miles of shoreline along the Delaware River.
Northstar Environmental Services and Northstar Marine were contracted by the National Response Center (NRC) as one of the first responders to the spill. Within twelve hours Northstar had men and equipment on site to start the containment and cleanup process. As a primary contractor Northstar supplied boats, barges, boom, cranes, vacuum trucks, dump trucks, tractors and trailers, absorbent products, personal protection equipment and manpower. An estimated 84,020 gallons of oil and oily liquid and 18,178 gallons of submerged oil were recovered, and another 7,812 tons of oily solids were collected. Our extensive experience in environmental and maritime services made us a logical choice as a primary contractor for such a catastrophe. Northstar remained on scene for six months until the decision was made by the Department of Environmental Protection and The United States Coast Guard that no further cleanup efforts were necessary.

New Jersey Coastal Waters, Atlantic Ocean

Duration: 3 years
The New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife has contracted Northstar Marine to help rebuild a number of artificial reef sites located in the Atlantic Ocean off the Coast of New Jersey. Northstar supplies Tug and Barge services, equipment and manpower to place of over 500 concrete reef balls each year. These concrete reef balls are helping to rebuild the existing artificial reefs, a necessary part of the marine environment.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Cleanup

Gulf of Mexico – Duration: 6 months

On April 20, 2010, the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry occurred 60 miles off the coast of Venice, Louisiana. The spill stemmed from a sea-floor oil gusher that resulted from the explosion of Deepwater Horizon, which drilled on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect. It is estimated that the spill released over 4.9 million barrels of crude oil, which affected the coastal regions and marine life along all of the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico.
Northstar Marine and Northstar Environmental played a major role in the clean-up efforts. Northstar was contracted by BP’s spill provider, National Response Corporation (NRC), as one of the first responders to the spill. Within days Northstar had crews on-site running skimmer ships, skimming oil off the surface of the Gulf and off-loading it onto barges. As the size of the spill increased, so did Northstar’s role within the cleanup. In addition to skimming oil, Northstar operated and managed coastal-based deacon barges and designated locations where they were responsible for cleaning oil off of large and small boats before they could go to port. Northstar had hundreds of resources on site and was in charge of half of the deacon stations involved in the cleanup. They also managed crews from smaller companies involved in the cleanup. Northstar crews worked in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida and were involved in the cleanup through October of 2010.

Northstar Marine has been at the forefront of supporting offshore wind energy projects off the New Jersey coast for the past several years. We have provided boats, barges and other support equipment and personnel to install and maintain highly-specialized meteorological buoys and state-of-the-art environmental monitoring equipment for Garden State Offshore Energy (GSOE) and Fishermen’s Energy (FE). Northstar Marine works in partnership with GSOE and FE engineers and scientists to coordinate the transportation and installation of this sensitive equipment, and ensure that all equipment is working properly.
We look forward to the next phase of this project, where we will continue to provide construction support services with our diverse fleet of boats and barges.



Northstar Marine provided immediate response to assist with the cleanup from Hurricane Sandy.  Within hours after the storm, we fully equipped and immediately mobilized three crane barges from 50 to 200 ton capacity, as well our fleet of workboats and barges to assist the State of New Jersey, numerous insurance companies and individuals with the cleanup effort.  Our unique qualifications and the types of equipment we had available made Northstar the clear choice as a response partner.  Over a span of several months, Northstar salvaged over 100 vessels of all types and sizes.