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Our Crew

Northstar Marine’s dedicated crew is experienced, fully trained and ready to provide the support needed for any project. We have full-time USCG licensed captains and our crew is certified under numerous EPA, OSHA and AMSEA training programs.  To further ensure safety, our crew is also enrolled in a USCG approved drug-testing program. We welcome the challenge of most any project or unique request.

Phil Risko : President and CEO

Phil Risko

President and CEO

Phil Risko is president and CEO of Northstar Marine, Northstar Environmental and Northstar Restoration, which provide environmental, marine and restoration services to the mid-Atlantic region.  Phil founded Northstar Marine and Northstar Environmental over 20 years ago, and has experienced success in diversifying service offerings to meet client needs, process improvement to increase efficiencies in client engagements, and improved the quality of services by hiring an experienced staff dedicated to serving Northstar customers.  Phil sets the strategic direction for all companies and oversees all operations, management, marketing, and client management for the organization.

In addition to his strategic and leadership responsibilities, Phil also has 25 years as a 100-ton USCG Master Near Coastal Licensed Captain with Commercial Towing and Sailing Endorsement, extensive knowledge of major regulations (DOT, USCG, EPA) governing environmental and maritime operations, 10 years experienced CDL with Hazmat Materials Technician, OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Supervisor Training and carries a Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC).

Outside of work, Phil is dedicated to community involvement and service through Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Lighthouse Church.  Phil also enjoys spending time with his wife and five daughters.

Steve Russell : Heath and Safety Officer

Steve Russell

Heath and Safety Officer

Steve Russell joined Northstar in 2011 as Health and Safety Officer, and is responsible for overseeing all risk management efforts including drug and alcohol testing procedures.  Steve has extensive experience in both the public and private sector, having worked with local, state and federal governments as well as law enforcement.  He also has a wide range of experience in marine transportation operations, which includes the USCG, USEPA, NJDEP, FCC, DNREC and OEM.  One of Steve’s strongest skills is successfully implementing safety programs, helping to reduce risk and cost associated with loss.  Steve is certified to manage hazardous materials spills both on the land and on water.

Having led different organizations throughout his career, Steve understands the importance of teamwork and being a team player. Before working for Northstar he worked for the Delaware River & Bay Authority and the Cape May County Sheriff’s Department. Steve enjoys spending time on the water and with his family and is a proud grandfather.

Ryan McKenna : Director of Marine Operations

Ryan McKenna

Director of Marine Operations

Ryan McKenna has been with Northstar since June 2017 as the Director of Marine Operations, where he is responsible for coordinating and managing client engagements, staffing and all operations for Northstar’s fleet.  Ryan has 25 years of experience on the water and in the marine industry to include 21 years’ service in the United States Coast Guard and currently holds a 100 ton masters license. Ryan retired from the Coast Guard in June of 2016 where he had served as a Chief Boatswains Mate conducting Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement, and various Homeland Security Missions.

Ian Farrow : Diver/Special Marine Projects

Ian Farrow

Diver/Special Marine Projects

Ian Farrow is the Northstar Marine Dive Team Project Manager and has been diving for Northstar since 2003. Ian began diving in 1991 while in the U.S. Army in Germany and Scotland, and is a certified rescue and mixed-air diver. During his tenure at Northstar, he has worked on numerous dive jobs including salvages, survey work, current meters, buoy projects and Geo Mats. He has also worked on many side-scan sonar survey projects throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic seaboard. Ian also plays a key role in Northstar’s involvement with the off-shore wind farm project off the New Jersey coast. The greatest part of the job for Ian is “to make what’s upside-down right-side up and figuring out how to do that”.

Bill Fehn : Captain

Bill Fehn


Captain Billy Fehn has been a licensed Captain since 2003. He currently holds a 100-ton Master of Oceans and Master of Towing Vessels Oceans and Radar Observer unlimited. He has over 25 years in the towing, marine construction and salvage industries. 

Gary Raffaele : Captain

Gary Raffaele


Frank Calio : Captain

Frank Calio