Equipped with a barge, two tugboats and a runabout, the grew of Northstar Marine Sea Tow worked tirelessly in the rain April 9th extracting three abandoned boats from Cape May Harbor with out city approval. “We decided we are going to do this on our own before someone gets hurt,’ Supervisor Phil Risko said.”I can’t imagine the city would have a problem.” “This is a cooperative effort to clean up the harbor and remove these boats prior to the Cape May Harbor Fest and the beginning of the season,” he said.Risko said “it’s in our best interest to remove them. Risko said it is a safety concern for the Corinthian Yacht Club and transient boats unaware of the submerged dangers.”It’s a navigation liability,” he said. Obviously they have been abandon and the owners are not expressing responsibility.” He said efforts were made to contact the owners to no avail.

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