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Comprehensive dive services

Northstar offers a variety of 24/7 emergency dive services. With full-time trained and experienced divers on staff, our team routinely performs underwater inspections and hydrographic surveying for both private and public clients.  We can tackle large-scale commercial or smaller recreational projects on short notice.  And since we have our own fleet of vessels, from small workboats to large commercial barges, we can work from any location–from diving at the dock to a remote location at sea.

Safety is a primary concern with every project. All underwater inspections are performed in accordance with OSHA requirements utilizing certified and experienced personnel.  Our dive teams are equipped with latest dive equipment, including surface-supplied air hard hats, which allow for safety and protection at construction sites or at locations with contaminated conditions.  Northstar also has a complete range of support equipment available such as dive and survey vessels, underwater video and photography, ultrasonic measurement units, and recording fathometers for performing hydrographic surveys.

As with all services we operate on a year-round basis.

  • Marine Salvage
  • Bulkhead, Dock and Pier Inspections
  • Bridges
  • Sea Walls
  • Underwater Video Surveys
  • Prop Disentanglements

In-water inspections

Information is everything when planning a marine project.  Let our divers conduct an engineered, underwater inspection of the project area before you begin.  We will inspect, tag and aide in the removal of all underwater debris and obstructions and can cut, burn and weld underwater.

In-water hull maintenance

For a fraction of the cost in time and money it takes to haul out, Northstar divers will replace bolt-on zincs and clean keel coolers, sea chests, and transducers.  We will remove mussels, barnacles, clean the hull and give you a CD video of the completed job.