We have the vessels you need

Whatever the marine project, wherever your location, Northstar Marine can provide the vessels and crew you need for the successful completion of your project.

Our fleet of barges and work boats come in a variety of sizes and specifications (please see our Fleet gallery for photos and specific information).  All barges are available for long or short-term charter, can be transported to and from your location and be equipped to meet your specific needs. Our boats have been used for marine construction, salvage, equipment transportation, fireworks shows, coring and sampling, artificial reef building and many other specialized projects.

Lift boats are unique vessels that can accommodate a variety of specialized needs and projects.  Our lift boats are self-propelled, self-elevating deck barges used for supporting a variety of inshore and offshore projects including light construction, drilling and coring, sampling, maintenance and repair, oil response and mother ship.  They provide assistance for any job that requires a safe and stable platform and a reliable workstation in rough seas.  All Northstar lift boats are equipped with modern lifting equipment, electronics, navigation, propulsion, as well as an experienced crew.