Project:            Marine Oil Spill Containment and Cleanup
Location:          Delaware River
Duration:          6 Months

As one of the primary contractors for Marine Operations, Northstar Environmental Services and Northstar Marine played a key role in the containment and cleanup of the Motor Tanker Athos I oil spill. On November 26, 2004, the 750 foot single-hull Motor Tanker Athos I was reported to be leaking oil into the Delaware River. It was estimated that the Athos I lost over 265,000 gallons of Heavy Venezuelan Crude Oil, which impacted over 50 miles of shoreline along the Delaware River.

Northstar Environmental Services and Northstar Marine were contracted by the National Response Center (NRC) as one of the first responders to the spill. Within twelve hours Northstar had men and equipment on site to start the containment and cleanup process.  As a primary contractor Northstar supplied boats, barges, boom, cranes, vacuum trucks, dump trucks, tractors and trailers, absorbent products, personal protection equipment and manpower.  An estimated 84,020 gallons of oil and oily liquid and 18,178 gallons of submerged oil were recovered, and another 7,812 tons of oily solids were collected. Our extensive experience in environmental and maritime services made us a logical choice as a primary contractor for such a catastrophe. Northstar remained on scene for six months until the decision was made by the Department of Environmental Protection and The United States Coast Guard that no further cleanup efforts were necessary.

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