For Immediate Release:   October 22, 2019

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Clermont, NJ (October 22, 2019) – Northstar Marine, Inc. has added two new offshore supply vessels to their comprehensive fleet: the Commander and the Independence. The addition of these large vessels enables Northstar to further support long-duration projects in the offshore waters of the East Coast of the United States, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. 

Both vessels can accommodate a wide variety of services. The 240-foot Commander carries deck cargo of up to 1300 tons and the 185-foot Independence carries up to 400 tons. Both vessels are equipped with DP2 dynamic positioning systems for precise station keeping in high winds and strong seas. This capability is critical to many scientific, construction and salvage projects. Northstar is the only marine services company in the Northeast region of the U.S. to offer DP2-equipped vessels and an OSV as large as the Commander. 

The Commander was added due to its size, sea worthiness, and number of overnight accommodations for clients and project personnel. The Independence was added because of its versatility as a fast crew and supply vessel, as well as its shallow draft. Both vessels are well suited to performing the extensive geophysical and geotechnical work that is essential to the construction of the numerous proposed offshore wind farms in the Northeast U.S.

“The addition of the Commander and the Independence makes Northstar a more multifaceted marine services company and expands our offerings to our clients that demand a high level of capability and reliability,” said president and CEO, Phil Risko. 

Northstar’s fleet includes various sizes of offshore supply vessels, lift boats, tug and push boats, crew and utility boats, barges, and shallow water support vessels. 


Located in Clermont, NJ, Northstar Marine, Inc. has been serving the professional marine industry since 1990. They provide a variety of marine-related services to public and private sector organizations. Their services include barge and vessel rentals, lift boat services, marine spill response, hydrographic & geophysical survey support, offshore wind and diving services. Additional information is available at,, and 609-263-6666.

Northstar Commander
Northstar Independence

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