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Offshore Wind Support

Northstar Marine offers a comprehensive range of services in the dynamic offshore wind industry. From offshore survey and cable lay support to walk-to-work platforms and boulder removal, we provide essential solutions for every phase of offshore wind projects. Our expertise extends to matters installation, PLGR support, bubble curtain deployment, and beyond, ensuring seamless execution and optimal performance. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and safety, Northstar Marine is your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of offshore wind development. Choose us for unmatched expertise and reliability in offshore renewable energy solutions.


At Northstar Marine, we specialize in integrating advanced W2W gangway systems onto our vessels, ensuring seamless, safe, and efficient transfer of personnel and cargo to offshore platforms and wind turbines. Our cutting-edge motion-compensated gangways are designed to operate flawlessly in challenging sea conditions, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. Whether it's maintenance, construction, or crew changeovers, our W2W vessels offer unparalleled support to the renewable energy and oil & gas sectors. Choose Northstar Marine to enhance the safety, productivity, and sustainability of your offshore projects, all while providing superior comfort and facilities for your crew. Discover how our tailored W2W solutions can transform your offshore operations today.


Our specialized vessels are equipped with cutting-edge technology to deploy bubble curtains around construction sites, significantly reducing the impact of underwater noise generated during pile driving and other construction activities. This innovative solution not only protects marine life but also ensures compliance with environmental regulations, showcasing our commitment to sustainable development. By choosing Northstar Marine, you're partnering with a leader in eco-friendly offshore operations, dedicated to safeguarding the marine environment while delivering efficient, reliable project outcomes. Experience the difference with our advanced bubble curtain operations, designed to support the successful and sustainable growth of the offshore wind industry.


 Our fleet is at the forefront of delivering comprehensive survey solutions, specifically tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the offshore wind industry.Our vessels ensure precise data collection and analysis for seabed conditions, wind farm site selection, cable route planning, and ongoing environmental monitoring. Our experienced crew, combined with state-of-the-art technology, provides reliable, accurate, and efficient survey operations, supporting the successful development and maintenance of offshore wind projects. Choose Northstar Marine for unmatched expertise and advanced capabilities in offshore surveying, helping to pave the way for sustainable energy solutions.


Beyond the basics, our portfolio encompasses a full spectrum of solutions designed to facilitate every phase of offshore wind projects. From initial site assessment and installation support to maintenance, our fleet of specialized vessels and experienced professionals stand ready to tackle the challenges of the offshore environment. Leveraging innovative technologies and a deep understanding of the offshore wind sector, we provide the highest standards of safety and efficiency. At Northstar Marine, we're not just supporting projects; we're powering the transition to sustainable energy with every operation. Partner with us to harness the full potential of your offshore wind ventures, backed by a team that's as committed to your project as you are.

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