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Northstar Marine considers health and safety to be equal in importance to all primary business objectives. Company management, to the most senior level, are fully committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment, ensuring safety at sea and the prevention of human injury or loss of life.


The Vision of Northstar Marine is to provide our customers with excellent marine services and value while:

  •   Causing NO harm to people

  •  Causing NO harm to assets

  • Causing NO harm to the environment

  • Maintaining a culture of professionalism, safety and mutual respect


The Company’s Safety Management System (SMS) has been developed for the onshore and offshore management of vessels in compliance with the ISM Code and flag state legislation and all other applicable mandatory rules and regulations. Northstar Marine’s SMS is certified by RINA.

Our SMS provides for safe practices in ship operation and preparation for responding to emergency situations. We have identified clear lines of communication between shore based, shipboard personnel and throughout the organization. By establishing practical safeguards against all identified risks, the number of accidents, incidents and hazardous occurrences or situations are minimized.

Qualifications & Credentials 
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