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Marine Services 

With a strategic approach and diversified fleet, Northstar Marine welcomes all marine projects no matter their size. Working with both the private and public sector Northtstar has a long track record of successfully completed projects and brings innovative solutions for any job.


Northstar Marine offers a comprehensive range of services in the dynamic offshore wind industry. From offshore survey and cable lay support to walk-to-work platforms and boulder removal, we provide essential solutions for every phase of offshore wind projects. Our expertise extends to matters installation, PLGR support, bubble curtain deployment, and beyond, ensuring seamless execution and optimal performance. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and safety, Northstar Marine is your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of offshore wind development. Choose us for unmatched expertise and reliability in offshore renewable energy solutions.

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Whatever the project, wherever your location, Northstar Marine can provide the vessels and crew you need for a successful completion of the project.

Our fleet of barges and vessels come in a variety of sizes and specifications (please see our Fleet gallery for photos and specific information).  All vessels are available for long or short-term durations, and can be equipped to meet your specific needs and mobilized to and from your location.


Since 1990 Northstar Marine, Inc has performed hundreds of salvage and recovery projects. Specializing in the removal of commercial vessels, barges, aircrafts, yachts, machinery and debris along with a variety of oversized hidden structures. These projects all present a unique series of obstacles and factors that require careful engineering, planning and a high degree of safety in order to reach a safe and successful conclusion. Northstar Marine stands ready 24/7 to respond to all marine events. We are proud to work with our many industry partners to provide a variety of solutions for these unique challenges. No matter what the task we will find the solution and bring it to a resolve.

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 From inland construction work to offshore towing and more, Northstar Marine has the crew, equipment and expertise to provide solutions to any job. Our barges and vessels have completed a wide variety of challenging and unique projects. Northstar Marine can handle your project from the planning stages all the way through to demobilization.  

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